Wufoo's Secret to Customer Happiness? Googly Eyes

October 7, 2008

Wufoo is a service that allows you to easily create forms and post them to a number of places. We've been working with them for some time as their service is a perfect match for many of our clients. We have loved their product and they have consistently over-performed when it comes to customer service.

Last week when I checked the mail, I got an awesome letter from Wufoo you can see here (click for larger images):

front  back

The note was written by a developer (Chris Campbell) on their team.  I have no reason to doubt this as the handwriting suggests that the author spends much more time with a keyboard than a pen.  For those that can't read it, here is a transcription:

Hi Joel,

My name is Chris, one of the developers for Wufoo. I just wanted to say thank you for using our services. You've been with us for some time now and we're honored to have earned such trust. People like you help us achieve our dreams and we won't ever forget that. So thank you again on behalf of the entire Wufoo team.

Respectfully yours,

Chris Campbell

The note is sincere and goofy -- a perfect match for their marketing style and customer service style. That they took the time to do this lets me know that customer service is an extremely important priority for them.  Receiving this has been a great reminder to not let up on our own customer service efforts.

In the spirit of fun and goofiness, I'll end by linking to a recent Saturday Night Live sketch their note immediately reminded me of:

Christopher Walken: Googly Eyes Gardener


 David McDonald's avatar
David McDonald

I also received one of these notes, and it certainly impressed me - what a great idea and a good way to earn kudos from users. My note was from Kevin.

 Andrew Yates's avatar
Andrew Yates

Oh yes, I always try to send them nice bug reports with image macros. I love Wufoo.

 John Zeratsky's avatar
John Zeratsky

Awesome. Chris is one of the Wufoo founders, BTW :)

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