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October 6, 2009

Our team is excited to announce two career opportunities we're accepting applications for: Front-End Web Developer and Interactive Project Manager.

Interactive Project Manager

  • Project Managers 2.0. They have extensive knowledge of all things online media and are able to communicate how to leverage the web because they, themselves are completely engaged in new media technologies.
  • Aware of the importance of a company's website as the hub of its online presence.
  • Love working in a high-energy environment and are able to manage multiple clients at the same time while being completely thorough with each one.
  • Naturals at dealing with people of all shapes, sizes and levels of technical savvy because of their responsive and patient communication skills.
  • Writers, bloggers and storytellers.
  • Happy to occasionally extend the work day past 5 to make sure a job gets done right, a site is launched on time, or a client is kept happy.

To apply, fill out the Interactive Project Manager application.

Front-End Web Developer

You should be completely comfortable with and interested in:

  • Rapid development / prototyping of front-end XHTML / CSS / JS
  • Debugging cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Design Usability and Semantic HTML
  • Photoshop's basic features for design manipulation, chopping up, etc

Other skills it would be a bonus for you to have, or really want to learn:

  • JavaScript, with an emphasis on jQuery
  • Web Design and Photoshop/Illustrator Mastery
  • PHP or other web programming languages like Ruby or Python
  • Front-end template languages, i.e. Smarty, Django Templates, XSLT
  • HCI/UI/UX best practices

To apply, fill out the Front-end Web Developer application.

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