Welcoming the newest addition to our team and blog

December 3, 2008

We just wanted to take the opportunity to welcome the newest member to our team and blog, Alex Pomer.  Alex is a new intern at New Media Campaigns, and he will be focusing on creating content and managing online marketing campaigns.  Alex is a senior at UNC-CH on track to graduate with a degree in advertising.

We had our eye on Alex for a little while after meeting him at some UNC events.  Alex did a great job of taking a new media approach to getting hired - before being interviewed, he followed each of us on Twitter, commented on our blog, blogged about our company, and would frequently shoot emails with relevant stories and links.

Alex has a sincere love for new media, social media, and the Triangle area - so, it only made sense for him to come on board with the rest of our Raleigh web design team.

Rohit Bhargava has written on the importance of hiring employees that have a strong personal brand, as they can be a catalyst to generating excitement and new business around the company.  Alex certainly is building a personal brand through his blog, read the thoughts of Alex Pomer at your own risk.  We think his style, sense of humor, and personal brand will definitely stoke excitement arount the office.

Keep an eye out for his posts on this blog.  I'll set the bar high to make him nervous - the posts promise to be the most humorous and beautiful prose that you've ever read.  Get hyped!


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Barbara Pomer

I cannot speak highly enough about your new intern. I've known him for almost 22 years, and he is a true gem. His personality, sense of humor and positive outlook on life have always made him unique; not that I'm a little prejudiced or anything - I'm only his mother!!

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