TextMate bundle for Recess PHP Framework

January 12, 2009

We have released the official TextMate bundle for Kris Jordan's RESTful Recess Framework. This TextMate bundle provides helpful shortcuts and snippets to assist your web application development with the latest alpha build of Recess. We will release updates to this bundle as new features are added to Recess. TextMate, created by Macromates, merges the best of UNIX utilities and the graphical user interface into a programmer's text editor for Mac OS X.


Recess bundle for TextMate


  1. Download RecessFramework.zip to your computer
  2. Unzip RecessFramework.zip
  3. Double-click the Recess Framework TextMate bundle
  4. Launch TextMate

Learn more about Recess Framework:

Recess is a RESTful web application development framework for PHP created by Kris Jordan. You can learn more about Recess using these links.

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