Simple, Time-based

January 21, 2009

We're in the process of finding a new logo for New Media Campaigns and wanted to try switching between the two leading designs on our internal documentation app. Instead of using PHP's rand function I went with time() modulo 2. This way the logo will swaps on page refreshes every second. Sometimes its nice to have 'randomness' that isn't left to chance, just ask Guildenstern.

Code snip below:



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John Leavitt

For a website of mine a years ago, I wanted to try out a few different seasonal headers and see if they affected conversion at all. I set up a script that assigned the header based on the IP address of the user. A couple weeks later, I was able to do some quick log processing and find that one of the five headers produced much higher click through than the others... like more than double.

Non-random assignment can be quite useful.

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