Roundup of Recent Events at NMC

October 22, 2009

This fall has certainly been busy at New Media Campaigns.  We thought it would be worth giving our followers a quick update on some of the progress we have made and work we have done.  Here is an overview of the goings on since this summer.

1. The NMC Team Grows To Seven

Eli Van Zoeren
Eli joined the team back in May as a developer and has been doing great work for us since, both for our clients and writing on our blog.  Eli also has a strong background in HTML/CSS/JS and also likes to work with some occasional backend code.  He is also a wonderful photographer.  You can learn more about Eli on our team page or his personal site. For up-to-the-minute Eli, follow him on twitter.

Patrick Clarke
We are all excited to have Patrick join our team.  In addition to being a rabid hockey fan, Patrick is an excellent web developer. He comes to us with a strong background in HTML/CSS/JS as well as great talent in working with Content Management Systems. ;At NMC Patrick will be helping our clients get set up on our CMS, making sure their beautiful site designs are paired with beautiful code.  You can ready more about Patrick on our team page or at his personal site.

2. NMC Launches its 350th Site (Probably)

We say probably because we don't keep exact count. That said, one of the sites we recently launched below was probably our 350th since we started just 3.5 years ago:

Click a thumbnail to visit the site.

3. is Up and Running


HiFi is the name of our next Content Management System. Its goal is to allow a design and marketing campaign to be realized in a website without having software standing in the way.  You can read more about its mission and join hundreds of others who have already signed up by visiting its homepage.

4. New Tools are our Most Popular Yet

In 2009, we've made it a priority to release as many of our tools and as much of our knowledge as we're able through our blog. So far this has been a big success as we've had a multi-thousand percent increase in traffic and many of our projects and plugins are being used by developers all over the world.  Here are some of the latest to make the rounds:

  • HiFi Regular Expression Tester - This uses jQuery to allow you to quickly test and see the results of javascript regular expressions in real time.  It has over 300 delicious bookmarks and has been tweeted over 100 times making it one of our most popular tools on Social Networks.
  • nmcDropDown - This is straight from Eli's website toolkit. It makes building cross-browser dropdowns as easy as running a jQuery plugin.  It uses hoverIntent if available for best performance.
  • HiFi Sitemap Creator - This allows you to use a simple textile-like language to quickly build a website sitemap. Since it was introduced there have been over 300 sitemaps created in 5 different languages.

Be sure to check out those tools if you haven't already!

5. NMC East Opens

Looking Glass Cafe

Luckily for us, a great coffee shop just opened next door called the Looking Glass Cafe.  As you can see in the picture it has a great outdoor seating area which is perfect for enjoying North Carolina weather. As we've grown our office has gotten more cozy, so having NMC offer an open tab next door has been the perfect option. If you ever stop by, you'll probably find Alex or Eli attacking a project together while enjoying some coffee and tea respectively.

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