Raleigh Area Creative Agencies Are Thriving

November 17, 2008

Our office is located in Carrboro, NC, our entire team lives in Chapel Hill, and we call ourselves a Raleigh web design firm - so, needless to say, we have a lot of pride in the Triangle area, especially when it comes to the creative, advertising, technology, and marketing sectors.  So, we wanted to give a shout out to McKinney, a large advertising agency in Durham, for their recent work on the Gold's Gym Account.

gold gym

McKinney's creative was recently featured in the New York Times, which is super cool.  While many people consider Raleigh a small market, that doesn't mean the creative sector isn't booming.  We have the pleasure to frequently work as a strategic web partner for ad agencies in the area, as they use our Content Management Software.  Having been on the inside of their planning sessions and seeing the work they generate, I can definitively say that the creative coming out of Raleigh is as sharp as anywhere else in the nation.

Just in the area of Raleigh web design, we've seen a good number of competitors move to the area recently and set up a second office down here.  This new competition doesn't frighten us, but rather excites us.  More firms moving to the area is the ultimate affirmation that they see Raleigh as a center of innovation with great business opportunities.  Also, as more firms come down, the tech community will only get stronger, leading us all to develop better work and release slicker applications.  Of course, we also think that our combination of great design, affordable prices, and powerful technology also make us a more than formidable competitor to anyone who comes down to our neck of the woods.  It's a really exciting time for the area.

Again props to McKinney and everyone else who works to make sure that the Triangle keeps churning out great work on the local and national levels.


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