Our New CMS Product is Now in Beta

September 16, 2010
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HiFi Welcome Screen

Over the past four years, we've gotten pretty good at websites.  In that time, we've built over 400 sites for organizations of all sizes around the world.  A year ago, we thought it would be fun and rewarding to try our hand at a different kind of problem: building a product.

The first decision we had to make was what kind of product we wanted to build.  We had a list of about a half dozen ideas, ranging from e-mail marketing software to social media tools.  In the end, we couldn't help but keep coming back to our bread and butter from the past four years, websites and web publishing.  

We decided it made the most sense to use this product as an opportunity to leverage all we'd learned through those 400 websites.  With that in mind, we decided our first product would be a new Content Management System that is an evolution of our current system.  

The new system would build on everything we'd learned from our clients while also including new robust features specifically meant for developers, allowing them to build their own sites on the system without assistance from us.

At lunch one day, we came up with the perfect name for our product: HiFi.  The thesis behind the name was that our system would allow developers, designers, and marketers to build high quality sites that stayed true (pixel for pixel) to the original design and plans.  With that as the ideal, we set out to build our product.

Now, one year, thousands of man-hours, dozens of bug fixes, and countless comments of encouragement later, we're ready to announce that HiFi is accepting applications to join a private Beta group.  We're screening applications to ensure we get a wide breadth of users and projects, making sure HiFi is a good fit for your specific project. 

Here are more about the details of the Beta period.

We're very excited about the potential of this product and have enjoyed taking on this new task.  As we're sure you've noticed over the past year, this in no way affects the day to day operations of our business or our customer service.  However, it will provide clients with the opportunity to use HiFi in the future.

To learn more about HiFi, check out http://gethifi.com and be sure to follow the product on Twitter @gethifi.  Thanks for all of your support, feedback, and patience.  We'll continue to keep the NMC Faithful up to date on the product.


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This is something worth waiting for.

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Very exciting news fellas. Good work.

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