NMC Holds Virtual Open House on Friday February 12th at 4:00 EST

February 9, 2010
Development, Marketing, NMC

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Last week, Clay Schossow was interviewed by Inc. about our "virtual" work environment.  You can read the article online on the Inc. Blog.  As a quick summary, back in March one of our top developers, Josh Lockhart moved to Madison, WI but stayed with us, working virtually.  It started as an experiment for us but has become a great success, leading to more freedom for our NC employees.  This is partially due to our use of a Campfire and Basecamp, two products made by 37Signals.

Campfire is a company chat room that we all log in to each morning.  Whether we are working in our offices, at the coffee shop next door, or in Madison, WI, it allows everyone at NMC to keep in touch.  One of the great features of Campfire is that it allows guests to join the chat.

This Friday, we're going to open up our chat room to our customers, blog subscribers and anyone else that wants to join.  Everyone from NMC will be there, ready to answer any questions you might have.  Whether it is about your website, one of our jQuery plugins, what it is like to work virtually -- anything.

All you'll need to do to join is head to newmediacampaigns.com/openhouse on Friday at 4:00.  We look forward to this experiment and getting to know you all better.

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