NMC Goes 5-1 in Off-Year Online Campaigns

November 4, 2009

As a political website design firm, New Media Campaigns is happy to report that in 2009, an off year for elections, the company went 5-1.  NMC built online efforts in 5 different states for city council, mayoral, and levy campaigns.

The five winners were Stephanie Miner for Mayor of Syracuse, Luke Ravenstahl for Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bonner Gaylord for Raleigh City Council, the Hamilton County Library levy, and the Five Rivers Metroparks levy.  Unfortunately, the Joe Merrill for Mayor campaign was unable to unseat Binghamton’s incumbent mayor, but he ran a spirited and professional campaign that we were happy to work with.

Each campaign brought a unique set of challenges and goals to the table, and the NMC team was eager to assist them. 

We were proud to assist Romanelli Communications help Stephanie Miner become the first female mayor of Syracuse, and build an online fundraising infrastructure that helped raised tens of thousands of dollars online. 

The Ravenstahl mayoral campaign website design was successfully launched in just one week’s time – a very rare feat for a website of any kind, especially for such a high profile race.  This re-election helps the mayor continue his mission of moving Pittsburgh forward, which was featured in the NY Times this week.

Bonner Gaylord put together a sophisticated web effort that is rarely seen with local campaign websites.  He used his site to register and organize hundreds of supporters.  Furthermore, the fresh design and feel of the site helped differentiate the political newcomer from other candidates.

The two levies had the unenviable task of asking voters for money in a tough economy.  They were able to both be victorious by building a strong coalition of supporters.  Both campaigns successfully used social  networks to broaden their message and engage younger voters.  Furthermore, the library levy was able to recruit dozens of donors through yard sign and bumper sticker promotions hosted on the campaign site.

NMC has already began lining up clients for 2010 and will begin revealing its client list, including several statewide campaigns, over the coming weeks as the new campaign sites launch. 

Thanks again to our partners and clients on a successful 2009 election and congratulations!

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