New Website Launched for Recess PHP Framework

March 15, 2009

Kris Jordan, creator of the Recess PHP Framework has been a part of the NMC team since January of this year. While here, he has largely been focusing on enhancing the framework, working on our Content Management System, and building custom tools for our clients.

Recess has quickly been gaining steam in the PHP community; it now boasts hundreds of downloads by developers from across the world and has had dozens of ""commits" in Github": We've been really excited to see the progress of the framework and expect it to continue bounding ahead.

However, we were worried that the framework's old site was hindering Recess's progress by making information too hard to find and not conveying the core benefits of using Recess for PHPprojects. Kris and the rest of the team here began designing a face lift several weeks ago and we're proud to show off the new site.

Outside of the overall redesign, the most notable new feature is the nine different one minute demo videos on the homepage. One of the biggest benefits of Recess is its ease of use and simplicity, so Kris wanted to highlight these features through quick, easy to process videos on the homepage.

Too many companies, frameworks, and products bog their homepage down with five minute or longer videos; we know that no one wants to sit through those, so we tried to streamline the learning process with these short demos. It seems as if the strategy has paid off, as the ""Start a New App in Recess"": video has been the third most trafficked page since the site launch.

Another unique feature is the developer spotlight in the top right. The nametag scrolls through the names and bios of developers using Recess for different projects. One of the largest barriers to adoption of a new framework is the fear that there's no community; we wanted to quickly assuage this concern by prominently featuring real, live, dedicated Recess developers and their projects. It is also a great way to give back to the community that has already given so much to Recess.

The homepage also features a comparison chart of Recess vs. other popular PHP frameworks, a feature breakdown, several quick download options, and more.

The new design has already been a great success, helping new visitors quickly learn about the framework and its benefits. If you haven't checked it out yet, you can download Recess here. I encourage you to check the site out and let us know your thoughts on the design and the framework.


Kendra Kellogg's avatar
Kendra Kellogg

Just wanted to pop in and say that the new Recess site makes me long for knowledge of PHP! My only critique relates to accessability for the population of those with seizures (I being one). Aspects of a site that keep moving constantly, such as your Twitter name tags, prompt a quick jump off the page. Just a note. Oh the crytic world of PHP- if only my genes adapted!

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