NMC Welcomes Kris Jordan and Recess, a RESTful PHP Framework

January 20, 2009

To start a new year we have two very exciting announcements.  Kris Jordan will be joining the New Media Campaigns team full time and will be dedicated to advancing his Recess Framework and improving our content management software.

We have a new team member that we're very excited to welcome (back) to the New Media Campaigns team.  Kris Jordan, one of NMC's original four founders, has returned to the company full-time. Kris was a critical element to our early success, being largely responsible for the first iteration of our Content Management Software when he built it with Joel Sutherland in 2006.

Higher Education and the Recess Framework

After helping NMC successfully navigate its first year, Kris decided to expand his knowledge and attended graduate school at Brown University. There he studied Computer Science, receiving his Masters degree last May.

Throughout this entire period, Kris remained on the NMC Board of Directors and was a valuable resource to our team. After spending this last summer at Microsoft, Kris started to get the "itch" again and realized how much he missed the fast-paced environment of startups and agile development

This fall he began work on a new type of PHP Framework, Recess. His goal with this framework was to rebuild an internal framework that was started for New Media Campaigns projects. Recess would succeed where other PHP frameworks came up short, emphasizing the more modern language features of PHP5, RESTful development and learning lessons of Rails and Django.

Joining New Media Campaigns

Beginning in January, Kris had an offer to work with Microsoft. He had enjoyed his time there immensely, but this meant dropping his work on Recess. Kris knew he had the full support of NMC (he'd been working on Recess from our offices for a couple of months), but he had to make a difficult decision on whether to drop his project and go to Microsoft or to embrace his "itch" and keep working on his passion project.

Kris ultimately decided that now was as good a time as any to take a shot and reenter an entrepreneurial environment to work on Recess.  We couldn't be more excited about his decision. Kris brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and saavy to our office - we're really lucky to have him on board and still slyly smiling that our little David of a web design and development firm "hired someone away" from the Goliath, Microsoft.

Where Things are Headed

Kris' day to day responsibilities at NMC will consist of building out Recess, rewriting our Content Management Software in his framework, working on custom development projects, and helping guide the technical future of our company.

We're extremely excited and lucky to have such a talented programmer with a growing personal brand join our staff. We think Kris will help us continue to stay ahead of the curve with our own technology, increase our credibility as web development firm, and help us build some killer side projects.

We encourage everyone to join me in welcoming Kris to the team and suggest you go check out and download the Recess framework...we've got a hunch it could be the next big thing in PHP.

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