How Google Alerts Can Support Your Online Campaign

August 5, 2008

You've designed and launched your campaign website, sent out an email blast driving people to the site, and even written a blog post.  Great.  However, your online campaign doesn't just stop there!   It's important to continually keep working on improving your campaign website and Internet strategy.  One particular tool that can help inform your online campaign strategy is Google Alerts.  

First, you enter the terms you want to keep tabs on.  Then, Google Alerts will email you anytime a Googlebot comes across one of your listed terms.  This feature allows you to easily and passively keep up to date on your campaign's online brand.

We've setup Google Alerts for a few of our clients, and it has proved an invaluable tool.  Frequently, the Alert will be about a YouTube video that our candidate had no idea existed, because someone was taping it from the back of the audience.  Also, they are really helpful to see what the Blogosphere is saying about your campaign.

Google Alerts is a powerful tool that is underused by too many campaigns.  I recommend setting up an alert for the candidate's name, your opponent(s), key donors and staffers, and important issues in the area.

This is one of the easiest ways to track your online brand, improve your online strategy, and  harness the power of the most innovative company in the world.

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