C-Step Gets Attention on UNC Chancellor Thorp's Blog

February 11, 2009

NMC has worked closely with UNC-Chapel Hill (and other university websites) over the past year to build several higher education websites and custom applications for the school. We're always excited to work with them not only because much of our staff are alumni, but also because we know that our work is making a difference in others' lives.

Holden Thorp recently called out one of these projects on his personal blog. As a side note, I encourage you to check out the Chancellor's blog as an excellent example of an institutional leader successfully writing a blog.

C-Step is a program that allows students to spend two years at a community college and transfer to Carolina after completing their associate degrees. It's an innovative program that helps students around the state continue their education and earn a bachelor's degree.

When the program came to us last year, they did not have a website and essentially all of their applications were handled by mailed and faxed forms. We worked with the Admissions team to design a website for C-Step that was consistent with the Admitted Students site we had recently launched for newly accepted Freshman.

In addition to designing the site, we equipped it with our Content Management Software, which has helped the program continue to scale out the site as C-Step has grown in popularity and numbers. Also, we built an online interest form, which allows interested students to complete the majority of the application process online.

It was very rewarding to help this very worthy program take an important step forward by launching their first website and streamlining their application process. We're excited to watch how C-STEP continues to expand.

We share the Chancellor's sentiment that this program "reminded [us] how much Carolina and its proudly public tradition means. And I thanked the folks at Carolina and the community college system who invented the C-STEP program, which is so consistent with what Carolina is all about."

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