Empowering and Connecting Women Journalists Around the World

The International Women's Media Foundation is a nonprofit that supports high quality reporting and connects journalists around the world. 

NMC worked with the International Women’s Media Foundation to design, develop, and launch a powerful new website for this important organization.

IWMF is potentially best known for the Courage in Journalism Awards that it hosts every year, but the organization also funds, promotes, and connects journalists and projects around the world.  The goal for the new site was to highlight the international impact of the organization, unearth the hundreds of pieces of reporting it has funded, promote the journalists it has supported through the years, and feature grant and award opportunities.

NMC worked closely with the organization, leveraging its wealth of experience with nonprofit website designs, to create an entirely new visual language, user experience, and information architecture for the site.  The new design is modern and streamlined, leveraging the high quality images to highlight the organization’s work and accent colors to help punctuate important content.  The design immediately emphasizes IWMF’s mission while also highlighting topical information. The streamlined navigation and powerful search capabilities make it easy for visitors to quickly reach their desired content, and engaging effects like interactive maps and real-time filtering help bring the site and its mission to life.

The site needed to not only represent IWMF as an organization, but also broadcast international issues around equity and serve as a tool for the journalists affiliated with the group.  NMC and IWMF’s partnership resulted in a beautiful and functional experience, helping increase the reach and impact of this important non-profit. It’s a relationship that endures through today, as we continue to collaborate around ongoing digital efforts and enhancements.

An Engaging Homepage

Beginning on the homepage, the site immediately introduces IWMF's work and impact. Users are directed towards issue landing pages, available opportunities, and snapshots from past program participants. 

A Focus on Reporting

One of the major priorities of IWMF's new site was to better highlight their fellows and grantees. Part of that included showcasing the reporting work done through their programs, which wasn't on their previous site. We built out a robust Reporting section that lists all of the stories written and can be filtered by topic, publication, program, or location. Each of the stories features a section about the Author, a link to the original publication, and a listing of related topics and reporting stories so users can further explore the site.