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November 17, 2010
Development, NMC

At the beginning of this year, we moved our development blog over to That blog is where we now cover more in-depth web design and development topics. If you haven't subscribed to it yet, subscribe now.

Here is a quick recap of posts that have gone up in the last month or so.

HiFi Development

Accepting Applications for Private Beta
We opened up an application process to join the HiFi beta program.  It won't be open much longer, so if you want to sign up and haven't yet, read this post to get the details.

HiFi Gathers a Number of Mentions
We built HiFi on top of a lot of cool new technology and open source projects. This post covers some of the attention it has received for doing so.

HiFi Website Redesigned and Relaunched
After just over six months we refreshed the HiFi site design.  It keeps much of the original feel, but is reorganized now that we have more information to share with the public.  As a part of the relaunch, we put together a cool overview screencast that shows what the HiFi interface is all about.

HiFi Improvement Recap
This post covers the many feature additions and improvements that have been made to HiFi while it has been in beta.

General Web Development

A Boilerplate for CSS Typography
This post gives out a great stylesheet to use when working on the content areas of a website. This template sets up a baseline grid for your typography and also covers every element you need.

How to use JSON APIs with jQuery
This is a back-to-the-basics posts that shows how to use external services on your site through jQuery's .ajax() method. It is a great starting point for those familiar with jQuery that would like to do more API work.

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