NMC 2016 In Review

December 30, 2016

2016 was a great year for NMC.  We welcomed three new team members, celebrated our tenth year of business, launched some great work, attended a number of events, and had a fun time doing all of it!  Below is a brief recap of the year -- we sincerely appreciate everyone's support and can't wait for a great 2017!

This year, we had a new project manager and two new developers join NMC.

Hallie joined as a project manager; having previously worked at a non-profit association and as the Director of Marketing for the N.C. Bar Association, she has a great background to help serve our clients.  That experience combined with her passion for social media and digital marketing has helped make her a wonderful addition to our team.

Adam joined NMC as a developer this year.  We met Adam through his involvement with local development groups, including the Chapel Hill PHP Meetup and Girl Develop It, in which other NMC'ers participate.  His work spans frontend and backend development, and it has been great to have his skillset on the team.

Eric came on board toward the end of the year as a developer.  He previoulsy worked at another agency with frontend and backend development, including a lot of work on WordPress and Drupal.  He has already made a great impact, immediately working on different projects, and we're excited to have him as a part of the team.

This was our tenth year of business, which is a great milestone for the business.  We launched in 2006 as a college startup with a focus on political and advocacy work.  We've grown to a full-service agency working with clients in every sector and ranging in size from Fortune 50 and international advocacy groups to local non-profits and startups.  We've enjoyed organically growing the bussines without any outside funding and being located in the Triangle for our entire existence.  It has truly been a great experience, and we're so thankful to everyone who has helped make it possible.

We're really proud of the work we launched over the past year.  We completed projects for a diverse set of clients around the world and helped them in ways like identity design, web design, web development, custom application development, mobile development, SEO, digital strategy, and more.  It would be nearly impossible (and really boring for you) to recount all of the work we did.  You can see a spotlight of 25 of our favorite digital projects in 2016 here.  Below are 10 websites we launched that we think are representative of the great work we did in a variety of areas, this year:

And we weren't alone in thinking that this work was worth being proud of!  We were honored to receive a number of awards, including HutchLaw being named a top 10 law firm of 2016 by Lawyerist, the Platinum Award for website from the Destination Marketing Association of NC for www.homeofgolf.com, being a 2016 Webby Best Practices Official Honoree for KPF.com (many thanks to our partners Franklyn on that site), and others.  Our logo and free sticker standing up against HB2 was also used by businesses and individuals around the country and the effort was featured on NPR.

In addition to putting out great work, we did our best to spread knowledge we've gained from working in the industry.  Our team took part in a number of events around the world.  The award for farthest travel goes to our Special Projects Director Josh who keynoted PHPConf in Taiwan. NMC's Senior Designer Ashley seemingly had a part in every web event in Charlotte, starting CLT Design, leading Dine and Draw Charlotte, teaching several workshops, helping with the Fusion conference, and a number of other activities.  Additionally, a number of other NMC'ers spoke at places ranging from conferences to universities to meetups.  It was an active year for events for our team.  

Again, we can't thank our clients, supporters, and team enough for making this year possible.  We're going to work our hardest to somehow find a way to top 2016, next year.  Happy new year and we hope to hear from you soon! 

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