Businesses Against HB2 Logo: Everyone Is Welcome Here

April 1, 2016
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It's been a tough two weeks for the state of North Carolina.  The legislature recently held a special session to pass a law, HB2, which limits equal protection rights to LGBT citizens.  Governor McCrory then signed it into law.  Since its passage, businesses, individuals, non-profits, and others across the country have spoken out against it and even boycotted travel to the state.  

Like so many other proud North Carolina businesses, we distinctly believe this law does not represent us or the people of this state.  As the type of business and employees who really could be located anywhere (we've had teammembers work remotely from as far away as Oregon), we've made a conscious choice to call North Carolina home.  We love its people, its food, its beaches and mountains, and at this time of year, its basketball.  This law hinders the enjoyment we get from all of those things, knowing the state isn't loving all its citizens as much as we love this place.

It has been great to see businesses unite against this law, and we wanted to do our part.  So, we designed a logo that we think pretty well sums up the position of almost every business in this state: Everyone Is Welcome Here.

The logo is yours, not ours.  Share it on social media, post it on your own site, print it, or even reinterpret it.  You can download it from the link above and grab the source EPS logo files here.  Help spread this message.

If you are interested in a sticker of this logo for FREE fill out our HB2 sticker signup form. Once we get enough signups we'll place an order and get them shipped out!

Also, we're considering doing a run of posters with the logo on them and distributing them to interested businesses for free. If you want a poster, send us an email at with your business name and number you'd like.


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Cheney Thomas
I, too, heard about this on NPR this morning and love the idea! I would totally participate in a business door to door campaign downtown to get business who don't support HB2 to display these on their doors, just like the Living Wage Certified logos. Power to the people!
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Joanne Levitan
Another thought - is there a similar sticker available for people? "Everyone is welcome here - Voters against HB2". It could even be a fundraiser to support candidates who want to repeal this legislation.
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Joanne Levitan
I heard about your campaign on NPR this morning. We are moving to North Carolina from New York in August and I am embarrassed by this legislation. I applaud and support your efforts. We bring with us two votes for Roy Cooper for what it's worth.

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