NMC 2014 In Review

December 23, 2014

2014 was a great year for the team at New Media Campaigns.  We added two new members to our growing team, launched some exciting projects, garnered press and awards for our work, and much more.

Joining us midway through the year was Nathan Huening and his agency that he had run for the past six years.  Nathan brings a diverse set of skills and a deep history helping companies holistically think through their online presence, making sure everything from brand to copy to design to code is consistent and representative of the organization. In addition to helping our clients stay ahead of the curve, he's been focusing on NMC's own marketing, too!  You can read about his past and his future in his own words in this post.

Soon after Nathan got settled in, our team of frontend developers got a little deeper and much beardier with the addition of Henry Bley-Vroman.  With our team's backgrounds ranging from art history to journalism to computer science, we always say there's no set path to NMC and Henry perfectly represents that.  Henry earned a bachelor's degree in cognitive science from Pomona College and a Master's in neurobiology from Boston University before focusing full-time on the web and spending the past several years in the Bay area working with companies ranging from local firms all the way up to big names like Lyft and OK Cupid.  Looking to come East, Henry joined NMC and has been a great addition to the team ever since.

In addition to the new teammembers, there has been no shortage of exciting events happening internally at NMC.  Both Joel and Patrick welcomed new baby boys to the family, Clay and Nathan each got married, and Ashley, Lenny, and Alex each got engaged.  Also, the office is very excited for the impending release of Josh's book for O'Reilly publishing, Modern PHP.  The team as a whole won recognition on a number of projects, including being a finalist for best statewide campaign website of the year,  first place from the Destination Marketing Association of NC for the best web-based marketing initiative, and a number of other press features.

We launched scores of projects this year, ranging from classic sites to mobile apps to custom applications that powered things like TVs.  It really was a wide ranging year, and we enjoyed each project we worked on.  With the number of things we launched, there are a few that stick out in our mind representing some of our most unique work:

The projects represent the wide array of industries we served and the diverse set of problems we tackled.
In addition to all of the projects and internal happenings, we also made time to write!  Going into 2014, blogging more frequently was a priority of ours.  We didn't quite live up to our lofty publishing goal, but we created the most content in recent years and some posts attracted a lot of attention.  Here are the top 5 most popular blog posts on our site written in 2014 (there are plenty of others from previous years that still outrank some of these each year!):
  1. Create a jQuery Calendar with AJAX, PHP, and MySQL
  2. Essential Sketch Plugins for Web Design
  3. A Simple Pattern for Responsive Website Navigation
  4. Switching to Sketch for Your Next Design Project
  5. Nicer Navigation with CSS Transitions

If you've ever questioned the value of blogging, you should know those 5 posts above drove more than 75,000 visits to our site just this year.

2014 was a banner year for the company, and we're excited for some of the projects we already have lined up for 2015 and others that we don't know about yet.  None of this growth and work would be possible without you, so we thank you all for your continued support!

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