NMC 2013 In Review

December 31, 2013

Above: NMC team (except Lenny) enjoying lunch at Milltown; From Left: Chewbacca (aka Alex Pomer) decided to join us for Halloween; our Hallowindows painting which is now certain to become a seasonal tradition; Joel, Clay, and Kris after the Eve Carson Memorial 5k that NMC ran together and sponsored.

2013 was an exciting and rewarding year at New Media Campaigns. Two new team members joined us, our work was honored with some cool awards, we worked with clients across the world, and we had a lot of fun as a team! In addition to all of the work we did for our clients, we continued to have fun working on and growing our own side projects, including Josh's Slim PHP Framework and PHP the Right Way, HiFi Content Management System, CoverPop, and others. 

In case the pictures didn't make it clear, we also had a lot of fun as a team, this year.  I feel fortunate to be able to work with a fun group that enjoys hanging out together even after the workday is done, and I know the rest of the team feels the same way.  Some of this year's highlights include Ashley's annual Halloween party, our NMC Holiday Party, the Eve Carson 5k we ran together, our traditional Friday company lunch, countless happy hours and nachos, and plenty more.

We collaborated on scores of launches this year, each one special in its own right.  However, there are a few that stand out as highlights due to design or technical elements we incorporated or a unique backstory to the client.  Here are several of 2013's featured sites:

While those stick out to us, it's also fun to look back and see what our readers and visitors most enjoyed on our site.  Here are the most popular blog posts on our site in 2013:
  1. Create a jQuery Calendar with AJAX, PHP, and a Remote Data Source
  2. How to install PEAR, PHPUnit, and XDebug on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (an oldie, but apparently still a goodie)
  3. 5 Tips for Writing Effective Meta Descriptions
  4. 10 Common Mistakes Political Campaigns Make With Facebook Pages
  5. Gmail Customization Tips to Help With Productivity and Organization
  6. The Difference Between Apps and Mobile Websites
  7. Paradigms of Iteration in JavaScript
  8. Easy Ways to Improve Your Google Analytics Setup

2013 brought a lot of fun, great work, and new friends.  We're excited to see what 2014 holds, and we'll continue keeping you updated through our blog.  Be sure to stay in touch and have a wonderful new year!

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