Hallowindows: Watch a Timelapse of Lenny Drawing Monsters on the NMC Windows

October 30, 2013

For the past several months, NMC designer Lenny Terenzi has been working on his illustrations and lettering. Recently, he has been drawing his daughter a card with a monster on it to put in her lunch box each day. Here are a couple of examples of those from Lenny's Instagram account:

Since the NMC office has four large windows that face downtown Carrboro, it made perfect sense to have Lenny make our office a bit more festive for Halloween!

Lenny used a really cool window painting/marker technique to make his design pop. First he went outside and sketched outlines of his drawing in dry erase marker. Then, on the inside of the window, he used Montana-brand glass markers to fill in areas with color. Finally, he went back outside and erased his dry-erase lines and drew bold black outlines with the Montana marker and added highlights like eyes and teeth. By drawing on both sides or the window, the art has a really great 3d effect.

When Lenny told us his plans, we knew the process would be really cool to watch, so we decided to set up a camera to create a time-capture of the project. Kris Jordan, our resident computer scientist, also happens to be an excellent photographer. He set up his Canon 5d III to be tethered to his computer which triggered a photograph every 5 seconds. That automated the process some, but it still required that he sit outside in the cold!

Kris wrote up a full explanation of the time-capture process, including some post processing work on all 2200 photos on his website. The end result came out great! Lenny did an amazing job with the artwork and Kris did a great job capturing the process and how the end result looks!


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Great time lapse video and an awesome office. Great location!

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