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September 6, 2011

Today we're launching a brand new version of the New Media Campaigns website.  Since we launched over five years ago, there have been a total of five versions, the last version lasting the longest at around two years.

With each revision, we've been very thankful that our site has been powered by a Content Management System.  It has allowed us to easily migrate our content into each new website without much of a hassle.  It has also enabled us to maintain a large portfolio that showcases our work over the years.

In this latest version of the site, our goal was to showcase the variety and scope of work that we do.  We got our start in politics (with a fitting name) but quickly branched out into all things web.  I'm often amazed by the range of sites and projects we've been a part of:

  • ~1/3 of our work is political and we're now a nationally leading political website design firm.
  • ~1/2 of our work is with an Agency Partner. Our focus on web technology has been a great fit for partnerships with PR and Design firms.
  • We've launched sites and mobile apps for several public companies but continue to work with startups and non-profits and are committed to doing so.
  • We've launched a designer/developer focused CMS platform, HiFi.
  • Our team has open sourced two great PHP Frameworks: Recess and Slim
  • We run a growing, ad-free NC Business News Site: NC Headlines

Hopefully this gives you an idea for how we've really taken to the web!

So this new site was designed to reflect us, our capabilities and to be a fun way to get to know us.

Five Hightlights from the New Site:

1. Stay Connected Sidebar

We're active on Twitter and Facebook and have a number of great testimonials from our clients on LinkedIn.  We wanted to give all of our visitors a chance to connect or follow us in whatever way they prefer.  As a technical note, we're lazy-loading the Facebook fan box so our site isn't slowed by it's poor performance.

2. Filterable Portfolio

We took all new screenshots and re-wrote a number of our quick project intros to fill out our new portfolio. Given the variety of work that we do, we thought that filtering was a great way to narrow down the projects by type. Since this new site is build on HiFi we were also able to send our portfolio into our Facebook Fan Page. The filtering happens using the great jQuery isotope plugin.

3. Footprint

We've combined our blog listing, press releases, press mentions and twitter feed into a single page and called it Footprint. We've found that our site really has two types of visitors: 1. regular subscribers who check out individual blog posts and 2. new visitors that are trying to learn more about who we are.  Our previous approach of separating everything didn't serve either.  Our loyal followers can still keep up with us just as they did before, but now those who are looking to get a quick lock at what NMC is up to have a great tool. Like the portfolio it's filterable using isotope.

4. Hidden Random Facts

In every subpage banner, there is a little box that says 'Click Here'.  This drops down a random fact about NMC every time you click it.  We thought this was a fun way to let visitors learn a little more about us. These are loaded using the HiFi API so it doesn't add any page weight!

5. The NMC Team Page

Everone on the NMC Team now has their own page.  We're pulling in each person's latest blog posts and tweets.  It's a great way to get to know those of us on staff and a great way for us to keep Patrick active on twitter!

Thanks for checking out the new site!  We welcome feedback and comments and look forward to continually improving the site!


Dean M's avatar
Dean M
Really like the new design! The Portfolio and Footprint filters are so effective and very slick.
Mark R.'s avatar
Mark R.
Love the new design and features. Keep up the excellent work guys!

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