May 2023 Newsletter

May 18, 2023
MAY 2023

Upfront Strategy Pays Off

One of the most exciting moments of a project is when we’re finally able to present designs to a client. It’s exciting! A new concept brought to life. Sometimes the reception is great – “We love it!” – but occasionally we need to head back to the drawing board and workshop features or elements to make sure that the concept is just right. Maybe the language needs some tweaks or the design needs adjustments. 

Of course we hope to get to that moment of success as quickly as possible. And one way to expedite the process and avoid the back-and-forth is by putting in the work upfront – before designs are even underway. 

Upfront strategy can take several different forms. For a smaller project, maybe it looks like internal discussions about specific goals and indicators of success. For a rebrand or a website overhaul – or anything larger scale – the upfront strategy work may include stakeholder interviews, moodboards, sitemap iterations, and a detailed creative brief process. While it seems like a lot to do before seeing any deliverables, the reality is that upfront strategy will create a smoother path for every subsequent phase of a project. 

We recently partnered with Children’s Rights, a national child advocacy nonprofit, on a website redesign and digital ad campaign. This was a big step for the organization, so the project began with significant discovery work that identified key areas for improvement and creative directions for the project. And the upfront strategy paid off. With a solid understanding of project goals and desired outcomes, we were able to produce a dynamic site and campaign that meshed well with Children’s Rights’ vision for their digital presence. 

A High-Impact Website for an Issue-Driven Nonprofit



Outside General Counsel 

Outside GC is an on-demand law firm that pairs skilled attorneys with clients located throughout the United States. Working with their team, we developed a modern new site that utilizes clean layouts, ambient video, and other features that engage and guide users towards essential information.

My Duke Health

Designed specifically for mobile use, My Duke Health is a dynamic landing zone where patients can quickly access their MyChart account and other helpful resources. When the site loads inside the Duke Health app, the app detects whether the user is on an iOS or Android device and automatically changes the login link to the device-specific location. Filled with other convenient features and a Health Education Library, the site is a powerful tool that helps patients to easily manage their medical care. 

Health AI Partnership

Created as a community resource, Health AI Partnership is a collaboration between multiple organizations that provides guidance for using AI in a healthcare setting. Based on their established brand, we designed their new website to feature fluid shapes, crisp white backgrounds, and layouts that elevate key insights and takeaways. 
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