Children’s Rights

A High-Impact Website for an Issue-Driven Nonprofit

Children’s Rights is an advocacy organization that works to reform the child welfare system.

Driven by the overarching goal of systemic change, Children’s Rights focuses on identifying and addressing unjust practices in the child welfare system. Specific focus areas include child health, immigration rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial justice.

Children’s Rights came to us for a nonprofit website design that would convey the urgency of their work and offer a polished visual experience for donors, advocates, and other stakeholders. The new site accomplishes this goal with strong and consistent branding, evocative imagery, and designs that incorporate texture and depth.

Comprehensive Digital Audit & Discovery Process

A digital audit can be a helpful tool for highlighting specific areas for improvement, so we began the project by analyzing the content and design of the previous While the site had good information and resources, we saw that there was a big opportunity to streamline user flow and communicate authority with a more modern and intentional design.

In addition to the digital audit, we conducted stakeholder interviews to gather information about perception of the site and goals for the redesign. We came away with valuable insights that heavily influenced the structure of the sitemap and priorities for the site’s homepage.

A Distinctive Homepage

The site relies on an eye-catching combination of photography, textures, and graphics to engage users and frame content in an appealing way. The homepage introduces these design elements along with content like impact statistics, focus areas, stories, and calls-to-action.

Scalable Interior Layouts

The site includes more than a dozen custom interior layouts designed to highlight specific types of content like news, staff bios, action items, court cases, and more.

One of the most important additions is the new “content hub” structure used for each of Children’s Rights’ seven focus areas. Every focus area page pairs information about the topic with related statistics, news articles, petitions, and calls-to-action. These pages are intentionally deep to encourage users to educate themselves about an issue and relevant steps for getting involved.

Built on a flexible WordPress base, the entire site is designed to scale smoothly over time. Most layouts are made up of various blocks – pre-designed elements – that can be reused to create new pages that are consistent with the established styles of the site. This format allows admins to expand existing pages and create new ones as needed.

Digital Ad Campaign

To reach a broader audience, Children’s Rights tasked us with preparing a series of social media ads based on the design of the new site. The ads followed three core themes and included graphics driven by strong typography. For the copywriting portion of the campaign, we worked within the Children’s Rights brand voice to elevate headlines and calls-to-action about urgent child welfare issues.