March 2024 Newsletter

March 14, 2024
MARCH 2024

Spring Cleaning for Your Website

It’s about that time of year when “spring cleaning” starts popping up in small talk. Clearing out your closet, giving your car a deep clean, getting rid of those one-off ingredients in the back of your pantry. It’s not the most exciting task, but we can all (mostly) agree that it pays off to get organized. 

When it comes to your website, regular maintenance is just as important. As content is routinely added, moved, restructured, and updated, your website can become cluttered with things like outdated resources, calls-to-action for past events, and broken links. And these small inconveniences can add up to a frustrating experience for users. The good news is that a lot of problems can be solved by using redirects to correct broken or irrelevant links and get users to the latest information on your site.

At the most basic level, a redirect is exactly what it sounds like – a way to send users to a URL that is different from the one that they originally requested. For example, if your company underwent a rebrand and changed domains – say, to – you would want to redirect the traffic from your old URLs to your new ones. Redirects can also be used when you delete pages, move pages within the site structure, or update a URL. 

Keep reading to learn about different types of redirects and how they should be used to keep your site tidy and up-to-date.  

What Are Redirects, and Why Are They Important?



CHAT Collaborative

Based in Mecklenburg County, CHAT Collaborative is a program of Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center that connects children and families with trauma-focused mental healthcare providers. To balance the heaviness of their work with positive themes of hope and recovery, the new website features a bright and welcoming design with easy paths to resources and a provider search tool. 

Ron Williams

As an experienced business leader, including formerly being CEO and Chairman of Aetna, Ron Williams shares valuable insights through his work as a keynote speaker, executive coach, and bestselling author. His new website highlights his work and leadership impact with featured news and interviews along with details about key career milestones. 

Feeding Flock

Feeding Flock provides free resources and tools that help families navigate challenges related to infant and child feeding disorders. Their new site places the focus on helpful information with clear calls-to-action, filterable insights, and an intuitive site navigation structure. 
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