June 2022 Newsletter

June 28, 2022
JUNE 2022

Fighting the Seasonal Slowdown

One thing that we love about summertime is the change of pace. Slower, longer days. Leisurely weekends. Anticipated vacations and relaxing time outside. In the summer, it’s almost a joy to lose momentum on home improvement projects, that book that you’re definitely going to finish, and the items that have been lingering on the to-do list since last fall. 

But when you’re working on a website redesign project, losing momentum is a frustrating experience that can cause timeline delays, miscommunications, and a whole lot of unnecessary stress. One way to fight it? Providing prompt feedback that will allow your design/development partner to address concerns and keep your project moving on-schedule. 

Feedback requires a bit of thought and planning to be effective, however. This month we’re diving into the design feedback process and explaining the best ways to frame your thoughts and communicate with a design team. That means asking questions, reconsidering that initial gut-check, and ultimately, bringing it all back to overarching project goals.  

How to Give Constructive Design Feedback



For Nonprofit Leaders: A website redesign can go a long way towards revamping your organization’s image and attracting new supporters. We explain how to tackle a nonprofit website RFP with six helpful tips that will get your project off to the right start. 

Prioritizing User Experience: For site visitors with a specific topic or resource in mind, a search feature is an essential wayfinding device that can save time and frustration. Take a look at these search tips and examples for guidance on adding search functionality to your website. 


In a Perfect World Foundation

Founded in 2005, In a Perfect World Foundation is a nonprofit that empowers kids by offering education and leadership programs. We worked with the organization to craft a dynamic new website that guides visitors through their work, global impact, and ways to get involved. 


Catalogue is a collection of premium restaurant brands located throughout the United States. Working closely with our design partners at Franklyn, we developed a site that incorporates numerous animations and unique interactive effects. 
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