Lower Eastern Shore Maryland

February 7, 2022

When tasked with supporting local economic development in Somerset, Worcester and Wicomico counties, the Tri-County Counsel created a platform called LESMD, or Lower Eastern Shore Maryland. LESMD serves as an online resource hub to provide regional branding and marketing efforts to local development professionals. 

The Tri-County Counsel reached out to NMC to create a user-centric, extremely unique economic development website design designed to store the most current and relevant information provided to support local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Unique Economic Development Design

The Tri-County Counsel was very clear about one thing: LESMD is not going to be your ordinary economic development website. They want their users to have fun on their website, even if they’re just seeking out information about local development efforts. 

Across the site, we added in animations to draw more attention to the different sections, as well as create a more visually appealing site. Each section on the homepage features its own unique animation, activating as you scroll further down the page. Beneath the masthead on the homepage, the logo is repeated in the background, creating more texture. 

Along with the animations, LESMD took a unique approach to navigation. There are two navigation bars. The first is a main, sticky navigation that contains the most recent posts about specific topics, making it easy to find resources no matter where you are on the page. The other navigation includes stagnant information about the brand, such as their maps and an about section. This divides their different types of content into two separate sections on the site, keeping their users in the area where the information they need is stored. 

Regional Resource Center

This platform is designed to provide a space for the Tri-County Counsel to promote the vibrancy of the area, as well as spread awareness about the industry. To create a reliable credible information hub, NMC worked with the Tri-City Counsel to ensure their website is capable of housing a wide range of different topics. 

To encourage users to spend more time seeking out information, on each individual page, it’s easy to access the other topics concerning the wider subject. This not only allows LESMD to keep their information organized, but also keeps different users on different locations on the website.

Flexible CMS Allowing for Growth

LESMD must ensure the information on the website is as current as possible. This meant that we had to provide a straightforward way for them to make changes to their website, without needing our support. To achieve this, we built this website with a WordPress Content Management System, which provides admins with block options to make it easy to add more content to a page. 

LESMD had a vision for their website and we were proud to see it take form. With stunning, unique animations and an interesting layout, this site draws users in and teaches them valuable information.

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