August 2023 Newsletter

August 22, 2023

If you’re like 60% of Americans, you probably agree that there’s not enough time in the day.

At work especially, many people find their schedule overwhelmed with meetings, appointments, presentations, and urgent tasks. So naturally, anything that seems to fall into the busywork category drops to the bottom of the to-do list – or maybe off of the list entirely. 

When we’re talking about website projects, the creative brief is one element that might fall into that “it-seems-unnecessary-to-linger-on-this” category. But really, the creative brief is more than just paperwork – it’s an essential strategy document that sets the foundation for a smooth process from start to finish. Make it a priority! The more details you can provide about your desired look, feel, and features, the less time you’ll spend on updates and corrections later on. 

This month we’re offering a closer look at our creative brief process and explaining why it’s more than worthwhile to spend time on strategy up front. In the post, you’ll find a breakdown of the big components that we focus on and a handful of tips about how to write a successful brief.

An Inside Look at Our Creative Brief Process



Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders

The Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders (FWGBD) is a nonprofit that provides resources and educational opportunities to physicians and healthcare providers. We worked with FWGBD years ago on their previous site, so we were excited for the opportunity to partner again for the design refresh. Highlights of the new site include styled video blocks, filterable news and resources, and flexible layouts that allow the site to grow smoothly over time.

IWMF 2022 Impact Report

Over the past few years, we’ve continued to support the International Women’s Media Foundation by creating their event microsites and annual impact reports. For the 2022 Impact Report, we worked closely with the IWMF design team to craft a dynamic layout based on their existing design assets and style guidelines. In addition to detailed content, the report includes animated accents, embedded videos, and a sticky nav that enables users to quickly jump between sections. 
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