QHP Capital

Launching a Distinctive Website for a Healthcare Private Equity Firm

Formed in 2021, QHP Capital is a healthcare private equity firm that supports growing pharma and life science companies.

Created as a management company for Novaquest Capital Management, QHP is built on a long history of involvement in the pharma world. The firm is known for their strategic approach, experienced team, and diverse group of portfolio companies.

After raising their second fund in 2022, QHP had reached a point where they needed an independent website to tell their story and highlight successful partnerships. They came to us for a sharp B2B website design that would establish their online presence and inform the expansion and development of QHP’s overarching brand and visual language.

Developing a Unique Visual Style

Based on the existing QHP logo and details from the creative brief, we designed the site to include a sophisticated color palette, engaging layouts, and custom illustrations based on the golden ratio spiral. On the homepage, this approach is brought to life with subtle animations and interactive features like slider blocks and a clickable portfolio listing.

Creating a Cohesive Suite of Brand Resources

The same engaging style is carried through interior pages, where users can find a dynamic About page, a categorized Team listing, and a filterable Portfolio center.

Beyond the website, we translated the new visual language to a PowerPoint template and a fresh business card design. These items use colors and typography to create a seamless experience as users move between the site, presentation materials, and marketing collateral.

The process culminated in a comprehensive brand guide that explains how each element of the visual language should be used moving forward.