NovaQuest Capital Management

Positioning a $3 Billion Life Sciences & Healthcare Firm on the Web

NovaQuest Capital manages $3 Billion of investor capital focused on promoting the development and growth of next generation drugs, technologies and services.  The firm executes through a two-pronged approach of late-stage investments in global biopharmaceutical products and partnerships with healthcare technology and services companies.

The firm turned to NMC to design and build a site that projects NovaQuest's expertise and success in the space while also making it very easy for visitors to access the strategy that best fits with their needs.

The new site invites people in through an ambient video of scientific scenes and presents clear navigation to let visitors quickly get to their desired content.  Custom features like the interactive timeline and portfolio filtering push visitors to engage with the site while also educating them on NovaQuest.  The clean and attractive design clearly positions NovaQuest as a leader in the space.

A Foundation for the Future

The site is built on WordPress and NovaQuest has been able to internally manage and grow the site since launch, while also enlisting NMC for supporting development and design work when needed.