Jeff Jackson for U.S. Senate

Building Jeff Jackson's US Senate Campaign Website

When Jeff Jackson decided to launch his campaign for the U.S. Senate, he approached NMC for a political campaign website that would effectively convey his goals, values, and experienced background as a dedicated politician and serviceman.

Based on these objectives and other political web design best practices, we developed a site that engages visitors with an attractive design while also encouraging active participation throughout Jackson’s time on the campaign trail.

A Welcoming Campaign Website Design

Naturally, one of the primary goals for the site was to introduce Jackson to a wider group of voters beyond his current constituents and explain why he should represent them in Washington. We approached this in a couple of different ways. First, through design.

Jackson’s team had already thought through the site’s core layout, initial design features, and functionality, so we worked with their ideas and completed the vision with polished features that tied the look together.

When site visitors land on the homepage, they immediately encounter high quality photos, skim-friendly headings, and an efficient block layout that neatly highlights key campaign information. Plenty of whitespace lends a fresh and airy feel to the page, and clean lines and sleek sans serif typefaces solidify a modern aesthetic with a wide appeal.

All of this – combined with a patriotic palette of blue, gold, and red – underscores Jackson’s reputation as an approachable advocate and reflects the refreshing change that he hopes to bring about as a U.S. Senator.

Fostering Personal Connection

After site visitors meet Jackson through the nuance of design, they’re directed towards a more concrete introduction on the Meet Jeff interior page. Here, potential supporters can peruse background information, qualifications, and specific goals. Dynamic photo collages personalize the content and strengthen a deep narrative that centers on Jackson’s work as a passionate public servant.

Activating Site Visitors with Intuitive Calls-to-Action

As with any political website, the platform also serves as an important touchpoint for supporters who are looking to get involved. Each site page features prominent calls-to-action, header links to campaign social media, and the requisite buttons to the donation page and volunteer registration form. All of this data is then funneled into the campaign’s voter database and email marketing tool, NGP.

Maximizing Efficiency with a Scalable WordPress Base

Political campaigns are fast-moving by nature, so we built the site on a flexible WordPress setup that would be able to handle quick changes and additions with grace. As the campaign continues to develop, staffers can use the content management system to add announcements, post news articles, and build out custom layouts using a series of pre-designed content and media blocks.

In the coming months, we’re looking forward to supporting the campaign’s digital efforts by designing additional site features, reviewing and revising existing strategies, and regularly auditing the site to ensure peak performance as Election Day nears.