Center for Couples and Families

Customization that Helps Couples and Counselors 

Having worked with over 100 non-profits in the past, New Media Campaigns partnered with the Center for Couples and Family Research at Clark University to develop the Marriage Checkup website. The Marriage Checkup is designed to be a clinical service for couples seeking to strengthen their relationships. Partners can fill out an online survey about their relationship. By identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as providing detailed feedback, the Marriage Checkup aims to increase connection between partners and to provide empowering information to improve relationship quality. New Media Campaigns created a site and application that would allow this to happen. 

Simplicity for All

A website like the Marriage Checkup has to cater to the needs of both couples and counselors, so NMC designed a site that was easy to use for everyone involved. To start, the visual design is clean, modern, and incredibly easy to navigate for first-time visitors hoping to learn more about the Marriage Checkup. It’s also just as simple for returning couples to log-in to complete their surveys or view a feedback report, and counselors who log-in are taken directly to a portal where they can review, assess, and offer feedback on couples’ responses.

The Survey 

NMC specializes in custom application development, and the Marriage Checkup survey is a perfect example of this type of work. The survey itself is user-friendly both for the partners involved and the counselors reviewing their responses. Each partner simply selects the degree to which they experience various relationship strengths and concerns and indicates their top three concerns. The counselor is able to monitor the completion of the couple’s surveys and receives an email when both partners have finished the evaluation. 

After that, the counselor reviews the couple’s responses and can easily note interesting findings or discussion points in a “Counselor Notes” section. Then, the counselor can navigate to the “Feedback” section of the site. Here, customized and research-based responses to primary strengths and concerns are generated based on the couple’s answers. These responses not only offer an explanation of concerns but also provide options for addressing them and moving forward. After reviewing everything, the counselor can then generate and send a detailed feedback report with the click of a button.

So whether you’re a new visitor, a returning couple, or a counselor, NMC has ensured that the Marriage Checkup website is easy to use and tailored to your needs.