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Custom Software Development

Our team has developed custom applications for clients around the country, including startups, non-profits, universities, and national brands.  Custom applications range from custom databases to fully custom Content Management Systems to entire products -- the foundation for each of these project types is our interactive specifications document, which lets everyone view and edit to ensure all elements of the project are accounted for and there aren't any future surprises.

At the beginning of each project, we decide which technology is the best fit for the goals of the application.  Every technology and framework has unique inherent attributes that make it better and more efficient at handling certain types of projects.  We will work closely with you to advise on what would be the best fit for your project's goals and team's resources.  While our experience spans a variety of technologies, our typical preferences for custom work are PHP, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript.  

With designers, developers, and marketers in-house, we can work with you from start to finish to create and grow your application.  We're also available to just support a certain area of the app, such as the UI or backend functionality.

When building custom applications, we focus on making them scalable into the future and easily manageable by your team.