NMC Launches Georgia State Representative Campaign Website for Ronnie Mabra

June 5, 2013

New Media Campaigns is proud to announce launch of the campaign website for Ronnie Mabra, who is seeking reelection as state representative for Georgia’s 63rd district.  NMC designed and developed a dynamic website that showcases Mabra’s commitment, openness, and strong relationship with his district. The result is a clean, visually stimulating design that is easy for visitors to navigate.

NMC designers used blocks in bright shades of red, white, and blue to frame the photo stream and other features on the site.  The large feature photos rotate out automatically, showing Mabra out in the community since he was elected.  As visitors scroll down, they are met with eye-catching blocks of photos and videos, as well as an entire section dedicated to the representative’s social media presence.  Live updates from his Facebook and Twitter are automatically streamed in as they’re published so that this site can act as a go-to hub for all of Mabra’s web presence.  Regardless of which page visitors are on, sidebar tabs encourage them to share their ideas, read through his past legislation, and follow his upcoming events.   

The entire site was built on NMC’s user-friendly content management system, Hifi. This will allow Mabra and his campaign to change, edit, and update the website on their own as the campaign progresses.   In addition, the site’s responsive design also allows visitors to easily navigate the site from laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

NMC enjoyed working with Ronnie Mabra’s campaign and is confident that this professional and exciting site will be a valuable tool for both Mabra and the District 63 community in the campaign.

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