NMC Designs Congressional Website for Candidate Kevin Strouse

June 3, 2013

New Media Campaigns recently designed and developed a congressional website for Pennsylvania candidate, Kevin Strouse. An Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, Strouse and his family’s service to the United States dates back to the Revolutionary War.

NMC developed a site that allows people to easily share news and updates about the candidate. NMC designers incorporated blue and red as accent colors, and made great use of space on the predominantly white site. The modern and clean design serves as a great platform for the candidate to convey his views to the public.

The candidate and his team requested that we include a unified social media and news feed. NMC developers created a news feed that includes current news items, and Twitter and Facebook updates in a space on the homepage. The custom filter feature allows people to sort between the the three news sources in this area. Site visitors can easily share the site with people on different social networking platforms on the Share Your Support page.

The site also features prominent sign-up features in the form of a pop-up that appears when people access the site, and a sign-up area that is included in the header area of each page. NMC enjoyed working with Kevin Strouse, and believes that this site will allow people to learn about Kevin, and the issues that he supports.

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