Congressional Campaign Website Designs for the 2014 Cycle

July 30, 2014
Design, Politics

We work with online political campaigns at all levels, ranging from national efforts to local campaigns.  For the past several years, we've partnered with the DCCC to help Congressional candidates around the country have engaging and impressive online presences.  It's a partnership we particularly enjoy, because the campaigns are so diverse in the districts they represents, candidates running, important issues, and more.  

It's easy for campaign sites to start to look template-y, as they're typically based around the same foundation of information, but this partnership actually gives us room to flex our creative muscles and figure out how to best present important information in a way that feels authentic to both that candidate and the district.  Not to mention, the stakes are really high, and it's rewarding work.  A well done campaign site should engage its audience, educate them on the campaign and issues, and excite them to donate their time and money.  The design goes a long way in accomplishing those goals.

The 2014 elections are quickly approaching, meaning we've been very busy for the past several months launching sites for incumbents and challengers who are getting ready for November.  Below are four sites that all launched within the past month, and we're particularly proud of.  Each is from a different state and for a different type of candidate, letting us take a unique approach to each.  

Congressman Pete Gallego (TX-23)

Pete Gallego for Congress


Eric Schertzing (MI-08)

Eric Schertzing for Congress


Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (IL-17)

Cheri Bustos U.S. Congress


 Rocky Lara (NM-02)

Rocky Lara for Congress

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