Who is Social Media? You are.

September 4, 2009

You are.

Welcome to the greatest party in the history of parties: the social media party. Why is it so great?

Everyone's Invited -- You're Invited -- Your mom is invited. Shaquille O'Neil? Yeah, he's invited, and he's already here.

Showing up to the Party

-- Ashton Kutcher may have a PR specialist but he never sends someone to the party

-- It's called social media because it's social. Think of it kind of like a party that never ends. You could hire someone to go to the party for you. But it's awkward. It's not authentic.

The Great Authenticator - Equalizer

-- The point of social media is that we've moved away from anonymity towards having personal brands online. Those personal brands

Gary Vaynerchuk didn't build a 60 million dollar a year wine business using social media because he hired someone to tweet for him or respond to blog posts for him. No, he hustled, he got in it not by reaching into his pocket but by reaching into his

Looking for a Social Media Coach? How to Due Diligence.

You would never hire a swing coach if they've swung a golf club 60 times. Likewise you should never hire a social media coach who has tweeted 60 times. You don't become an expert by claiming to be one.

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