Suggest a jQuery Plugin and We'll Build It

March 16, 2009

Here at New Media Campaigns, we love jQuery. We use it on most of our projects in a variety of different ways and often take some things we've done and abstract them into plugins. Here is a quick list of some of the more popular things we have done recently:

Some of these are fairly trivial, but a couple are more complex, but we have received tons of feedback on all of them. For our next plugin writeup, we are asking our readers what plugin they would like to see.

If you have an idea for a jQuery plugin that you would like to see implemented (or re-implemented!), describe it in the comments.

At the end of March we will look through the submissions, pick those that we like best and are most feasible and put up a poll. The winner of the poll will be implemented and written up.

We look forward to hearing your suggestions.


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howard lee

I would like to see if there's a possibility of making a div or table skewed view.. something like perspective, making text and pix of a table skewed looking or much better if animated.

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I saw this idea on twitter: a plugin that highlights issues with markup. For example, images that lack alt attributes.

Larry "Sundog" Pollock's avatar
Larry "Sundog" Pollock
Like this except I would use images like the first post example" Thanks!
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Joel Sutherland


Is there an example you like that handles this vertically as opposed to horizontally?

 Larry "Sundog" Pollock's avatar
Larry "Sundog" Pollock

I have been looking for a way to do horizontal tabs that slide out vs the top or bottom tabs that slide up and down onhover or onclick. I can make popout" tabs with CSS but a nice animation would be great.

This is a simple css version for reference.

Thanks for reading. "

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