Raleigh Web Design is Booming

October 18, 2009

It was just over three years ago that we opened our doors to the public and began doing business. While we were in the startup phase we had big dreams, and heard much about the importance of being located in a technology hub.  Paul Graham, an author and startup evangelist we respect greatly even listed "Bad Location" second on his list of startup mistakes.

Startups prosper in some places and not others. Silicon Valley dominates, then Boston, then Seattle, Austin, Denver, and New York. After that there's not much. Even in New York the number of startups per capita is probably a 20th of what it is in Silicon Valley. In towns like Houston and Chicago and Detroit it's too small to measure.

As a services firm, his comments don't necessarily apply, but we still had our concerns. Three years later?

We couldn't be happier to be in the Triangle

Over the last three and a half years we have learned a bunch, met hundreds of awesome clients from across the country and worked really hard. This has been a big part of our success, but it would be incorrect to dismiss the special atmosphere here in the Triangle that has helped us grow as a Raleigh Web Design firm.

The Triangle was just named the smartest metro area in the country thanks to its universities and industry. UNC bucked convention and named an entrepreneur as its newest Chancellor.

In our specific industry, things are even better in the Triangle. Students in local universities (UNCNC State, and they who must not be named make up "the Triangle") are taking web design and development seriously.  A great community, Refresh the Triangle, has grown under the support of great companies like Viget.  And it seems that all of the companies in the area push each other to continue doing better and more innovative work.

Since we are a web design firm, almost all of our work is done online and we can partner with companies all across the nation without leaving the comfort of our office. Services like GotoMeeting, non-recent inventions like email and the new affordability of plane tickets means that we can be connected to folks everywhere.

The low cost-of-living here is great too.  We're able to run inexpensively with few downsides due to the great culture the Triangle provides.  We've even located our offices in Carrboro, America's Foodiest Small Town.

At the end of the day, we have to attribute some of our success to chance, being located in such a great area. Several members of our team have come from local universities and we've had the great fortune to work with many of the schools as clients. So if there are budding raleigh-area web design firms reading this, have no fear -- the triangle is a great place to start!

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