NY Times Interactive Debate Viewer

September 28, 2008

This is just a quick post to point out one of our team's favorite online tools, the NY Times Interactive debate viewer.  As a company that has a specialty as campaign website designers, you better believe that we're real dorks when there's a cool nexus of politics and technology.  The tool is very cool and useful - the video of the debate neatly plays in a Flash video player, while the margin of the screen is filled with the transcript.  The transcript automatically scrolls down as the candidates speak.  Also, you can search the transcript for certain phrases and words, so you can instantly hop to a section on the Economy or Afghanistan...pretty cool!

The New York Times is one of those companies that always manages to stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology, as is demonstrated by the intuitive layout, attractive design, and variety of features on their website.

We love to give credit where credit is due and just wanted to share this with everyone out and to encourage you to check it out.  Flash video has become a mainstay in site designs, especially political website designs, but this feature is still leaps and bounds ahead of where anyone else is.  

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