Loss of Industry Pioneer - Mike Connell

December 22, 2008

Online politics tragically lost an industry pioneer over the weekend.  Michael Connell was killed Friday night when his plane crashed in Akron, Ohio.  Connell was the founder of of New Media Communications, a Cleveland-based political web firm for Republicans.  The firm has replaced their homepage with a tribute to Connell.

Connell was one of the most innovative and successful thinkers in the online political space.  He was in charge of online outreach for both of President Bush's campaigns and served as the lead online consultant for dozens of Gubernatorial and US Senate races.

Being a partner at a political web design firm, myself, I was always impressed with the formidable business and client list Connell was able to assemble in a short period of time.  Personally, I will always remember the phenomenal work he did for Dick DeVos in the 2006 Michigan Gubernatorial campaign; to this day, that was the best use of video blogging that I have ever seen.

As a Cleveland, OH native involved in politics, I frequently heard stories about Connell, his firm, and their great work.  Whenever we competed for business, I considerd it an honor to be in consideration with such an industrty veteran.  He will be missed, but will always be remembered as a pioneer.  

A scholarship has been created by Mike's family and friends to benefit his four children that he left behind.  You can visit the scholarship page and make a donation here.

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