Improving Saranac Beer's Website and Moving Them to a Content Management System

August 29, 2008

I wanted to take the time to write about one of our recent projects that we're really proud of. We recently implemented a new site for Saranac, a nationally distributed and absolutely delicious beer company based in Utica, NY. The site was designed by Romanelli Communications, one of many firms across the country that use NMC as a strategic web partner for advertising agencies.

Sarnac's previous site was cumbersome to navigate and nearly impossible to edit content. They knew that they wanted a streamlined navigation structure and the ability to constantly refresh content. After seeing a demonstration of our content management software, Saranac management instantly knew that this would be the best way to frequently update their web content.

Romanelli provided us with a beautiful design and we set about putting it onto our Content Management System. Every area of the site is completely controlled by the system, allowing Saranac to highlight new contests, popular brews, and breaking news on their homepage. Also, by incorporating some web 2.0 tools to enhance their site, Saranac has been able to start a conversation with their consumers. Whether it's the ability to comment on interior pages or sign up for the latest events, Saranac visitors are able to use the site to easily communicate and interact with the brand.

So far, the site has been a success. They've been able to use the Content Management System completely independent of assistance from us, have registered numerous visitors for different contests, and received dozens of comments on the interior pages of the site.

We're really proud of Romanelli Communications' design, our team's implementation, and Saranac's embrace of content management and web 2.0 tools. Let us know your thoughts on the site.

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