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September 19, 2008

Google has launched another tool ( which allows visitors to learn more about the two Presidential nominees, Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain.  With news updates, YouTube videos regarding each candidate and/or his campaign, a plethora of different blog postings, quotes from sources around the country, and also a news-by-state feature, you can spend as much or as little time you want learning about both Senators and their campaigns.

The site also has links to Google's coverage of both national conventions.  This simple, but informative page has streaming pictures, links to speeches and other important video images, as well as blogs from authors who attended the conventions. 

On Google's official blog, it becomes explicitly clear that Google was at the forefront of both conventions' festivities.  They used these occasions to launch different election tools such as the 2008 Elections site (mentioned above), the Google Maps Election Gallery which allows viewers to track where the candidates are spending their dwindling campaign days, and also the Power Readers in Politics which gives links to news sites read by the candidates and other political journalists

At both conventions, Google had booths set up where people could record YouTube video endorsements.  These videos were recorded by every-day-convention-goers, party leaders, and even a few celebrities.  Google is at the forefront of using the internet as a tool to be used by campaigns at any level.  Stay tuned for more ways to use Google to help your online campaign.

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