The Importance of Geotargeting Your SEO Campaign

September 15, 2008

Frequently, when a client approaches us about their first SEO campaign, they are initially focused on ranking high for very general and competitive terms.  For example, a contractor in Raleigh,NC recently came to us and was initially focused on such terms as "bath and kitchen remodeling" and "home improvement."  While these terms could be very lucrative in the long run, they'd also take months upon months, if not years, to finally reach the front page for such a general and competitive term.  Also, the contractor would be ignoring their client base and missing an opportunity to grab some low hanging fruit through local terms.

After talking to the client about their goals as a company,it became very apparent that they mainly did business in the Raleigh area and those were the leads they wanted to attract through their SEO campaign. So, it made perfect sense to adjust their terms from the broad and ambitious "Remodeler" to "Raleigh Remodeler." This allowed us to face less competition, while simultaneously allowing us to focus on the core target audience. Within weeks, the firm ranked #1 for Raleigh Remodeler and very high for other similar terms - that type of result could never have been possible for one of the broad terms that they originally brought to us.  

People know how to use Google.  They are well aware that they'll get more relevant and targeted results by adding a local qualifier to the search query.  So, kill two birds with one stone by fighting against less overall competition and also ranking for what people are actually searching for by using geotargeted terms. 

By working with the client to craft the Raleigh SEO campaign, we were able to gain much better results and help them reach their targetin a much quicker and more relevant way. Don't get fooled into competing against Fortune 500 companies for broadterms - focus on your local target and you'll see much better results...both in Google and in your bank account.    

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