Congratulations to All of Our Candidates

November 5, 2008

As a campaign website designers, we had our eyes glued to the TV last night, monitoring elections in numerous states where we had candidates.  Overall, it was a good night for our team, winning 12 out of 17 races that we were involved in, which is over a 70% win rate.  The wins ranged from Congressional down to local judges; we think each of our candidates did an exceptional job in their races and we were honored to be involved in each of these races.

One accomplishment that pops out is that we won in every levy or ballot issue that we were involved in.  We had ballot issue websites in Arizona, Florida, and Ohio, winning a total of 6.  These victories pop out to me, because I think frequently ballot and levy issues overlook the importance of having a strong web presence.  However, I think it can really make the difference when educating people on what can sometimes be very complex ballot language and mobilizing supporters from across the state.  Vote Yes for Polk County and the hometax Amendment in Arizona are two campaigns that really embraced the web as a medium to educate and mobilize voters from around their state.

One race that didn't turned out as we hoped, but I still think deserves praise is Larry Joe Doherty's campaign in Texas.  LJD ran in a district that no Democrat was ever supposed to be competitive in, and he was able to make the race extremely close, losing 52-48 (UPDATE: LJD Actually ended up losing 54-43 after all votes were counted.  Thanks to Bob for the clarification).  The campaign embraced the website by putting a priority on having us design a robust and attractive campaign website (as verified by's results).  They leveraged email marketing techniques, pushing people to their site, raising tens of thousands of dollars online, and signing up hundreds of volunteers.  While the race didn't end up in the W column, we want to commend the campaign for doing an amazing job and catching the attention of politicos from across the country.

We're thankful that we were able to work with such a great bunch of candidates and wish the victors all the success in their new positions.

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Bob - good catch, I guess I looked at the numbers too early. I saw 52-48 in the Statesman at around midnight on Tuesday. I'll make the change in the post - thanks for pointing that out!

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Where are you getting those numbers? Doherty actually lost 54-43, not 52-48.

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