NMC Designs and Develops Website for Kimberly D. Burton Foundation

June 10, 2013

New Media Campaigns is pleased to announce the website launch for the Kimberly D. Burton Foundation, a non-profit organization that is committed to the health education of women in order to prevent and fight breast cancer. 

The Kimberly D. Burton Foundation was founded in 2009 by Kimberly Burton’s daughter, Tiffany Burns.  The organization has since partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and other local doctors to support research for a cure, and to assist women undergoing breast cancer treatment in the community. Because the organization depends on a strong network of volunteers and fundraising events, their website was designed to showcase these two aspects.

Because a large part of the organization’s activism revolves around the fundraising events they host, their website had to showcase these alongside helpful information for people interested in getting involved.  To accomplish this, the site houses several custom features.  A bright pink countdown banner sits under a large feature photo on the home page. It updates automatically so visitors are immediately informed of upcoming events. The feature photo rotates automatically to showcase the organization’s past events, future events, and current fundraising campaigns. Nestled in the sidebar is a calendar that also marks all of the organization’s events for the current month. The ‘Our Community’ section, found on both the home page and interior pages of the site, features photos, the latest messages from the organization’s Twitter account, social media links, and a sign-up box. This feature allows visitors to learn more about the Kimberly D. Burton Foundation with ease.

The organization’s past events are also highlighted throughout the site with large photos showing the smiling faces of volunteers in action. All of these photos and features sit in a clean design with pink color accents that emphasize the organization's cause.

The Kimberly D. Burton Foundation does hard work for an extremely good cause and NMC is very proud to have designed and developed this site for the non-profit organization.

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