NMC Launches Site for Local Law Firm, Batten Lee

August 27, 2013

New Media Campaigns is proud to announce the launch of a new law firm website for Batten Lee.  Batten Lee is a Raleigh, NC law firm that specializes is making catastrophic lawsuits against their clients more predictable and defensible.  Their clients consist of hospitals, health care providers, businesses and the firm has defended.  Since Batten Lee’s clients seek out the firm’s help in the most dire of situations, it was crucial that NMC create a site that was explicit, extremely easy to navigate, and had all important information readily available.

NMC accomplished these things through several aspects and features.  The site’s responsive design allows users to enjoy it efficiently whether they are on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  The most important information- an overview of "who" Batten Lee is, photos linking to lawyer introductions, the firm's honors, and contact information -can be found by simply scrolling down the homepage instead of navigating through multiple pages.   Lastly, the ‘Contact Us’ page’s inclusion of a map, auto-fill form, and contact information allows visitors to get in touch with Batten Lee quickly and easily.

Along with being extremely obvious to navigate around, the Batten Lee site is sharp and elegant in design.  Navy blue splashes of color, grey accents, and black and white team photos keep the site sharp and allow the information to remain at the forefront.

NMC is confident that this sharp site will provide everything current and potential clients of Batten Lee when they are seeking the firm's expert services.

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