NMC Launches Legal Website for Hutchison

June 14, 2012

New Media Campaigns is pleased to announce the recent launch of a new website for Hutchison, a local law firm based in Raleigh.  Hutchison is well-known for their work with startup companies in the area but provides services for established businesses as well.  The company practices law in a variety of areas including: Corporate, Venture Capital, Intellectual Property Protection, Licensing and Corporate Partnering, Mergers & Acquisitions, Securities, Employment Law, Benefits & Compensation, and Tax.  

Hutchison came to NMC looking to move their current site, which was a few years old, to a more robust content management system that would allow them to easily edit and add content on their site. NMC’s preferred CMS, HiFi, was the perfect solution.  In addition to transferring the site, NMC recommended giving the site’s design a “facelift” and reviewing elements of the existing site for functional efficiencies and a better user experience.  After working together to identify the areas in need of improvement, NMC’s design team took over, creating several new layouts, each similar to the original but with a sharper, modern appearance. 

The new site encompasses a variety of useful features to better inform visitors of their services and connect clients with the site's resources and the end result is a better optimized, more attractive, and user-friendly site that allows Hutchison to easily build their content over time. 

This project is now included in New Media Campaigns’s growing legal website portfolio. 

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