NMC Designs New Raleigh Law Firm Website

January 17, 2011

New Media Campaigns is excited to announce the recent launch of the website for start-up Whitmeyer Law Firm.

The firm, based in Raleigh, NC, specializes in technology and licensing law, representing Internet, software, gaming and healthcare technology clients across North Carolina.

New Media designed and developed a website for Whitmeyer Law that creates a straightforward online presence for the firm and accurately reflects the technical nature of the practice.

The implementation of New Media’s content management system HiFi gives the firm the ability to manage content with ease while the custom design engages potential clients and reinforces the firm’s specialties.

The website, which leverages the practice online and distinguishes Whitmeyer Law from its competitors, can easily grow with the firm as it continues to expand its client base.  The firm is also using the CMS to manage a Geek Attorney Blog, on which Randy Whitmeyer will post articles relevant to technology and licensing law.  The blog is an initiative to help further establish Randy as an expert in the field and to draw leads to the firm's website through inbound marketing.

New Media has launched over 400 political, business and non-profit websites over the past four years. This is one of several websites NMC has created for Raleigh area law firms, including Tharrington Smith and Edmisten, Webb and Moore.

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