NMC 2017 In Review

December 28, 2017

It’s hard to believe that another year is already in the books!  2017 was an exciting year for NMC on many fronts.  First, our team welcomed four new babies and has two more on the way in 2018.  It has been exciting to watch the extended NMC family grow over the years and perhaps our designers’ favorite side project is creating adorable onesies for new NMChildren (yep, I just did that). 

On the business side of things, we rang in our eleventh year of business, designed and developed many exciting new projects, helped scale and market some of our existing large collaborations, worked to deepen our knowledge and expertise of the everchanging digital landscape, and continued to attend and host a number of events around the country.   As a team, we tackled new types of projects in addition to building on our expertise in familiar niches where we’ve worked for years.  The year represented one of our most diverse ever in how we served clients and who we worked with.

The variety and quality of our work is truly a credit to our team’s experience and desire for new challenges.  This year we partnered with groups ranging from the Fortune 50 and international advocacy organizations to startups and local non-profits, and everyone in between.  The projects we led included identity design, web design, web development, custom application development, mobile development, SEO, digital strategy, ad buying, and more.  The depth of the NMC team was really highlighted by the different projects we were able to work on and groups we could partner with throughout the year, and it’s a trait we really pride ourselves on.

While we worked on scores of projects of all different shapes and sizes, it’s not possible to list them all here, so below are 10 websites we’re proud of from different areas of our work.  You can see a more complete list of our 25 favorite websites from 2017 here, too!

In addition to putting out this great work, NMC teammembers also participated at conferences and events around North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, California, and more.  It was an active year for the team, whether working on projects, attending events, or expanding families!  It’s one we won’t forget soon, and that’s all thanks to our clients, partners, supporters, and families.

We’re excited to see what 2018 holds and we’re going to work our hardest to make it another banner year for the company.  Happy new year and we hope to hear from you soon! 

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